There is something in the air tonight
Be it near or far away
It is something I have yet to see
Through my cloudy skies of grey
I ponder hard, I ponder long
And wonder endlessly
As I try my best to contemplate
What could this something be

Perhaps it is the evening rain
As it falls with gracious ease
Or the whisper of the Northern wind
As it sails on through the trees
It could even be the fragrance
Of the roses newly sprung
Or the sweet sound of the nightingale
When his song, it has been sung

But yet I know it is none of these
As Ive seen and heard them all
This something, it is new to me
As I beckon to its call
It plays upon my heart and mind
My spirit and my soul
For the first time in my weary life
I feel that I am whole

With heart and mind in unison
I look unto the night
Then feel this something touch me so
As it sets my heart to flight
And now I know whats in the air
Its what Ive been dreaming of
I feel so blessed this very night
For this something, it is love

Story telling: XD

My friend Linda (not her real name) knew that if she kept looking she'd surely find the one. Every since childhood she knew her soul mate existed and was out there waiting to find her. That's how it was in all the fairy tales she had read as a child and in all her favorite books and movies. There was no need for worry. All it takes is that one look and she'd know that her prince charming had arrived. The perfect partner who would fulfill her in every way… Happily ever after! …what sweet words. Sure she'd made a few mistakes along the way - like Ron. “It seemed like love at first sight, he was so attractive, and so attracted to me. Our connection was immediate and intense. He seemed like everything I'd always dreamed of”. But then things changed. She found out that they had little in common and that he had several "soul mates"; and was seeing them all at the same time he was seeing her.

Then there was Paul. “I knew from the beginning he wasn't the one - but I stayed in a relationship with him because he loved me so much and treated me so nicely. We eventually grew apart once he realized I was less enthusiastic about him than he was about me. There have been others who have disappointed me, but I know that special person - my soul mate - is out there and when we meet ... happily ever after!”

My friend's search for love is based on the unrealities of romantic love so popularized in the tales and myths of western society. It is the romance found in fairy tales, movies, romance novels, the media, and in the minds and fantasies of many. It is characterized by an almost immediate and intense attraction that alone can sustain any relationship. It is a belief that true love can overcome all obstacles and insure that you will be fulfilled completely by your partner. It reflects the search for the soul mate - that one person in the universe who is made just for you and is the only one that can truly make you happy. By basing your search for love and relationships on love myths you are insuring many experiences of frustration and disappointment. By acknowledging the realities of love- you are arming yourself with a map that accurately reflects what does or does not contribute to healthy, fulfilling relationships.

True love conquers all Love is not enough to make a relationship work — it needs compatibility and commitment
Love at first sight It takes just a moment to experience infatuation, but true love takes time to get to really know a person
There is only one true love in the world who is right for you It is possible and probable for you to experience true love with more
than one person — there are many
potential partners you could be
happy with.
The perfect partner will fulfill you in every way The right partner will fulfill your needs but not all of them.
He rides in a horse with a shining armor
he usually rides in a shiny car flashing it. Real motive, is to ride you
Today is unsually unsusual. Redundant? oh well, i got so bored with my review having the concept of child health nursing. I really hate the lecturer because he was so vain, rude, gay and teaches incongruent topics. In my thoughts, he is the perfect definition of "multong bakla". I have nothing against gay men because i got friends of them. My point was, if you have nothing nice to say, then shut up! I really dont care if you are rich or not, tall or short, intelligent or profound but if you have a stinky attitude, then man, i hate you! I really wonder what these kind of people feels after they had humiliated someone.

When i was heading towards Ordips, the jeepney driver recklessly hit an askal dog and he doesn't even care. Damn it! poor dog, a victim of human cruelty. Lol. i know its insanity to look for and think about a wonderful and perfect world to live in.

Am i being histrionic today or just being true to my self? Wow, I think i got a very good heart. How I wish my goodness could not break a heart. For me, love is a poker, you should know when to fold and when to make ALL IN. Love is sacred and I would not easily grab anyone who would come to me. I spent my 20 years waiting for my prince and I am willing to spend another year for that. I want all people to know that i don't feel small even though up to now, I am single. Its my choice.

I am very happy because our reviewer postponed our class in Sunday and that gave me the excitement to meet my friends again. This is my first time to make a blog. We all know that most of the things that we do has a reason behind it. The reason for this is my "Mr.white polo shirt guy"... Its almost 2 weeks and i have not seen him because i refused to go to this specific rendezvous of ours to passively gaze at him. As a filipina girl, its really hard to be in a situation having a crush to a stranger. I have a hard time expressing my self to someone that I like because it is just not our country's mores. How i wish i have the strength to approach him and make friends with him but it seems like opportunities are vague and resistant to me. my "Slow-motion theory" made me swoon and had stimulated my heart which has been sleeping for four years to pump blood again supplying oxygen to my brain that makes me think of him more often. I always ask my self, does he think of me that often too? if not, does he know my name? Ganessa po!!! hahaha