I am very happy because our reviewer postponed our class in Sunday and that gave me the excitement to meet my friends again. This is my first time to make a blog. We all know that most of the things that we do has a reason behind it. The reason for this is my "Mr.white polo shirt guy"... Its almost 2 weeks and i have not seen him because i refused to go to this specific rendezvous of ours to passively gaze at him. As a filipina girl, its really hard to be in a situation having a crush to a stranger. I have a hard time expressing my self to someone that I like because it is just not our country's mores. How i wish i have the strength to approach him and make friends with him but it seems like opportunities are vague and resistant to me. my "Slow-motion theory" made me swoon and had stimulated my heart which has been sleeping for four years to pump blood again supplying oxygen to my brain that makes me think of him more often. I always ask my self, does he think of me that often too? if not, does he know my name? Ganessa po!!! hahaha


GaNesSa said...
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GaNesSa said...

weeee... Cutie blog! love my own hahaha

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