Today is unsually unsusual. Redundant? oh well, i got so bored with my review having the concept of child health nursing. I really hate the lecturer because he was so vain, rude, gay and teaches incongruent topics. In my thoughts, he is the perfect definition of "multong bakla". I have nothing against gay men because i got friends of them. My point was, if you have nothing nice to say, then shut up! I really dont care if you are rich or not, tall or short, intelligent or profound but if you have a stinky attitude, then man, i hate you! I really wonder what these kind of people feels after they had humiliated someone.

When i was heading towards Ordips, the jeepney driver recklessly hit an askal dog and he doesn't even care. Damn it! poor dog, a victim of human cruelty. Lol. i know its insanity to look for and think about a wonderful and perfect world to live in.

Am i being histrionic today or just being true to my self? Wow, I think i got a very good heart. How I wish my goodness could not break a heart. For me, love is a poker, you should know when to fold and when to make ALL IN. Love is sacred and I would not easily grab anyone who would come to me. I spent my 20 years waiting for my prince and I am willing to spend another year for that. I want all people to know that i don't feel small even though up to now, I am single. Its my choice.



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