There is something in the air tonight
Be it near or far away
It is something I have yet to see
Through my cloudy skies of grey
I ponder hard, I ponder long
And wonder endlessly
As I try my best to contemplate
What could this something be

Perhaps it is the evening rain
As it falls with gracious ease
Or the whisper of the Northern wind
As it sails on through the trees
It could even be the fragrance
Of the roses newly sprung
Or the sweet sound of the nightingale
When his song, it has been sung

But yet I know it is none of these
As Ive seen and heard them all
This something, it is new to me
As I beckon to its call
It plays upon my heart and mind
My spirit and my soul
For the first time in my weary life
I feel that I am whole

With heart and mind in unison
I look unto the night
Then feel this something touch me so
As it sets my heart to flight
And now I know whats in the air
Its what Ive been dreaming of
I feel so blessed this very night
For this something, it is love


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